Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roller Derby Products

I was reading my new Five on Five magazine and I came across these cool wrist guard covers.
They are available from the OC Roller Girls website.  They come in super hero style, leopard print, camo, skulls, and golden and blue.  I think they are super awesome.

These ones are my favourite.  I have some wonder woman styled hot pants by Knicker Rocker on Etsy and added with these rocking wrist guard covers would be superheroliscious!

For 32.99 US you can look like a super hero, and you would probably skate like one too.  There are 6 styles to choose from and each one is reversible. So if you don't have your super hero hot pants on you can flip them inside out and go incognito.


A little love, Anya Face.


  1. LOVE!
    I was wondering when someone was going to do this!

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  3. hi ladies... here is the site which sells SLEEX and other styles for derby/skate... check it out!
    right now they are offering a 25% discount on all Derby styles with PROMO code DERBYDIVA on checkout! Happy skating --- Stay safe and fashionable! :)