Friday, July 30, 2010

Featured Skater Mirambo #69 of the Forest City Derby Girls

Todays featured skater is none other then Forest City Derby Girls own Mirambo.  If you were lucky enough to get a FCDG calendar she is also Miss August.

Mirambo is a big part of our league. She keeps the team together and does crazy things to keep the game light and to make sure everyone is having a good time.  She is a hard hitter and a team player for sure.  I sent her a bunch of questions and then asked her to pick a few.. she did them all! Lots of Mirambo to go around.

Derby Name MIRAMBO
Real Name Miranda Abbott
Team and League Forest City Derby Girls/Thames Fatales

Fan Page: Mirambo's Ass/Facebook

Sports before roller derby: wrestling team in High School.

When/how you first got involved with roller derby: 
Like a lot of girls, I was reintroduced to derby when A&E aired Rollergirls The Series. I was sitting with a close friend and made an off hand remark that if they ever had derby in my home town I wouldn't hesitate to join. Well she saw a flyer for a practice a couple months later and basically told me to put my money where my mouth. Going on 5 years later I think I've proved I belong here.
                                                                                       Best team derby moment: 
Photo by Joe Mac 
There really has been so many, I am blessed to have some of the best teammates ever. But I'd have to say one of our more recent games. We were playing The Derby Debutantes from GTARD. It was G20 weekend and we were under the assumption that traffic heading into the city was going to be crazy so we all left way early. Got to the venue 5 hours before the hosting team was even scheduled to arrive at the arena. This left us with a lot of free time. I found a vending machine that had mustaches inside. Got enough for everyone on the team and we all picked one out. We laughed and joked around for hours, by game time we were just so relaxed from all the laughs and funny pictures all day long we played one of the best games ever as a team. I'd do anything for those girls xoxox

Best personal derby moment: 
It was the last jam of our game against the Nickle City Knockouts. I knocked their jammer B.J. HARMstrong out of play, and forced her to cut in front of me back on the track. She was originally awarded the point for passing, giving them a one point lead for the win. Thank the derby god's I made eye contact with a ref during the infraction and the score was adjusted but only after the Knockouts had taken a winning lap. After some very heated discussion with the captains and the refs the score showed a tie game with the clock run out. Forcing an overtime jam. In the end we ended up winning the game. It was incredible.
Joe Mac Midnight Matinee

What do you do when your not skating?

Well recently I've tried on a few different roles but still within the realm on derby. Reporting at games with Derby Spotlight. Roger Foley asked me to join his team and I just couldn't resist. And I also tried my hand at refereeing recently, that was very different for me. Making the calls instead of instigating them, was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to. 

Favorite place in the world: In front of a mirror.

Guilty pleasures: Poutine, seriously I can't get enough. Just thinking about it now makes me salivate for it...

Give us some advice: Shit or get off the pot! You are your own worst enemy at practice, don't ever sit down not for anything. Get to know your skates, you are responsible for your own equipment. Without it you wouldn't be here so at least have enough mind to take care of it. And don't be a douchbag on the track, learn the rules ladies. 

Who is your roller derby hero: There are so many really...Jess Bandit, they best pivot I've seen on the track yet. Crackerjack, really do I have to explain why she's on my list? Because she is AMAZEBALLS! And don't forget D-Bomb, that girl has got the most powerful legs I've ever seen. 

beating bitches with stitches

Tell us something you probably shouldn't:
I have totally played games when I shouldn't have due to injury's. And I'll probably do it again.
(Mirambo just recently played a game with seven stitches in the bottom of her foot.)

Anything else you would like to say: 

Just that I owe a lot of my skills to my amazing trainers Anya Face and Sufferjet. If it wasn't for those two ladies I wouldn't be half as good as I am. I love you both so much.

Mirambo is such a suck up! But we love her anyways!

love Anya Face

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