Monday, August 2, 2010

How to get Butts in the Seats! Part two.

This is part two of how to get people at your games. Part one explained the benefits of Word of Mouth and how important it is to go outside your circles and talk to everyone you meet about your great product you want to sell aka Roller Derby. Seriously, it is the best thing around so it shouldn't be a hard sell.  

Email Bulletin 

We started adding everyone we talk to on an email list. We also put out fan sign up lists at the merch booth and at the food/bar area at our bouts and  fundraisers and such. We send out an event reminder to the list a month before the event and then re email it a week before. We only use this list to promote our fundraisers, which we only have one a year, and our bouts. We also email this group as soon as we have our season schedule. You don't want to over use this option, people will get angry if you spam them.  Any other updates we do with our facebook pages, twitter and on our website.
This makes it easy for your fans to pass on the information in their email lists.
Your Signatures Are Worth Something 

Let your email market your event.
Add a paragraph to your email signature to let people know about an upcoming event.

Mine is

Anya Face
Forest City Derby Girls
Check out Roller Derby at the Western Fair Grounds on May 29th.
Doors open at 7, wheels roll at 8pm, tickets 15 dollars, 10 and under free
email me for more details.

This way even when your just emailing friends and family, it's just a little reminder after your initial email without being all spammy.

With all these tips, if you do them alone you will get the word out, but if you implement that all of your players, refs and volunteers do the same you will reach a huge number of people!

Love Anya Face

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