Friday, June 25, 2010

Hot Across Buns on the Track

I thought I would put together some photos of Hot Across Buns on the track.  We love to see all the derby girls kickin ass in our shorts! Keep sending them in so we can show off your booties!

All of our clothing is made by American Apparel.
We have 7 fonts available to choose from to make your custom undies.  We can also try and get the font you are looking for if it is available.

We have black, blue, red and pink undies to choose from as well as white, black, silver, and red  in our vinyl. We are working on getting more colours in the vinyl and hot pants as they become available.

Can't think of what to put on your butt? We do have some hot pants with pre made assograms to choose from as well.  Like the wording but want a different font? we can do that too! 

Our  Assograms are totally made to your specifications as much as we can, so go crazy and show us what you got!

We are able to keep our shipping costs very cheap so whether you are living in Canada, the USA or Worldwide you can still get some affordable roller derby wear even with the shipping included.  

                                                                            And please send us your pictures and we can post them of you lookin hot in yer hot pants. RAWR.

Lots of Love, Anya Face

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun Roller Derby Stuffs from the Internet!

Is your league having a Bake Sale? Are you having a Garage Sale and want to add a treats table to it?
Is there derby girls with bdays that need a treat? I came across some sites that offer roller skating cookie cutters.  These would be awesome to have to sell cookies at bouts, bake sales, garage sales, fundraisers.

This one looks like the riedel-type roller derby skate.  It is available from Kitchen Collectibles for 12.95.  They would be super fun to decorate and I'm sure if someone else other then me baked them they would be very yummy.

This next one is more the old school roller skate boot. Super cute and retro. 
It is available through Copper Gifts for 12.95 US.
I'm sure you could make your skate look better then this one.  And if you need a cookie of a lady with a big nose and a bump on her head, then you can flip it around and do that. Ha, there are examples on the website.

      Here is another higher boot, big wheeled roller skate.  Because its an aluminum cutter it is super cheap at .76 cents. regularly 6.50.  It is available from Outdoor Gear Site.  At that price you could get one for the each girl in the league and go into high powered production.

Tired of cookies? How about some chocolate skates on a stick? MMMMMM this is available from the UK for 3.95.  Check out Cakes, Cookies and Crafts to purchase.

If you don't want to purchase any roller skate cutters but still wanna make a roller skate cookie apparently you can take an upside down/backwards "L" cookie cutter and then add two circles of dough at the bottom.  Other options would be a circle and make a wheel.  Jammer Stars. etc.

I will not be partaking in any of these however because my baking, cooking, making anything passed a peanut butter sandwich or chopping vegetables is beyond me.
I leave all the yumminess up to my friend and fellow derby girl Dawn Kashane.  She makes  me the yummiest food and keeps me work in it off on the track!

Mmmmm now I'm super hungry for yummy treats! hint hint DK i know your reading this!

love Anya Face

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where the Forest City Derby Girls go, so does Hot Across Buns!

Your Thames Fatales are hitting the road to hit some girls and we would love to see our fans there!

This Saturday we will be in Hamilton taking on Hammer City Roller Girls Death Row Dames. The last time we played this team we lost in the last jam by a few points. This is sure to be a tough game for both teams, which usually means an awesome game for fans!
check out their event page for all the information!

Event Page

June 26th
We are strapping on our skates the following weekend to take on GTA Roller Girls, Derby Debutantes on their home turf. Although, last year, we were the harder hitting team and beat the Debs, they have been everywhere and are really coming together as a team, this again will not be a game to miss.


July 17th The Forest City Derby Girls Fresh Meat and Rookies will be off to Toronto to play the Rollergettes in some action packed derby action!
July 24th
We will be off to Sudbury to play the Derby Debutantes in an exhibition game to show the city of sudbury how awesome roller derby is!

August 28th
we will be showcasing our new players in a bout in Goderich Ontario. This is Anya Face's, Annie Takers and Jemicide's home turf. You will get to see the up and coming stars of the Forest City Derby Girls

Home Game Oct 2nd
The Thames Fatales will be hosting HCRG's Harlots! This is sure to be an exciting game!

Home Game Nov 6th
The Thames Fatales will bring another American team down to show them how its done. We will be hosting the amazing MID MICHIGAN ROLLER DERBY Girls!

We are working on a few more bouts so please keep looking at the facebook group and our webpage should be updated soon!

any questions please don't hesitate to email

See ya on the Track!
Anya Face - Captain of the best derby team eva! ha!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Sweet makes their debut in Montreal

We made up a team of skaters called Team Super Sweet, more on the actual team in a later post, but, our first game and really our first time skating together was against one of the best teams in Canada.  We travelled down to Montreal, to take on Les Filles du Roi.  We drank meters of beer, tried on ridiculous shoes, swam in a roof top pool, and got schooled, yet again by Les Filles in a 214-66, i think, finish.
It was a great weekend and we would totally do it again!
You can see some great pics here by Tristan Brand – Freelance Photographer

This was the meter of beer. I think they called it 3 liters but a meter sounds so much better! It was a great end to a long drive.  We stumbled back to our hotel after and promptly went to sleep.

These were the shoes Mirambo was in love with! When we told her to go and try them on, we didn't realize that they were 700 dollars or that they would have to go in the vault to get her size. Ha ha. 

Roof Top POOL!! So happy it was a nice weekend so we could swim in it!

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to play with the Super Sweet ladies again, hopefully really soon!

                                                                   Love Anya Face