Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Sweet makes their debut in Montreal

We made up a team of skaters called Team Super Sweet, more on the actual team in a later post, but, our first game and really our first time skating together was against one of the best teams in Canada.  We travelled down to Montreal, to take on Les Filles du Roi.  We drank meters of beer, tried on ridiculous shoes, swam in a roof top pool, and got schooled, yet again by Les Filles in a 214-66, i think, finish.
It was a great weekend and we would totally do it again!
You can see some great pics here by Tristan Brand – Freelance Photographer

This was the meter of beer. I think they called it 3 liters but a meter sounds so much better! It was a great end to a long drive.  We stumbled back to our hotel after and promptly went to sleep.

These were the shoes Mirambo was in love with! When we told her to go and try them on, we didn't realize that they were 700 dollars or that they would have to go in the vault to get her size. Ha ha. 

Roof Top POOL!! So happy it was a nice weekend so we could swim in it!

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to play with the Super Sweet ladies again, hopefully really soon!

                                                                   Love Anya Face

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