Friday, June 25, 2010

Hot Across Buns on the Track

I thought I would put together some photos of Hot Across Buns on the track.  We love to see all the derby girls kickin ass in our shorts! Keep sending them in so we can show off your booties!

All of our clothing is made by American Apparel.
We have 7 fonts available to choose from to make your custom undies.  We can also try and get the font you are looking for if it is available.

We have black, blue, red and pink undies to choose from as well as white, black, silver, and red  in our vinyl. We are working on getting more colours in the vinyl and hot pants as they become available.

Can't think of what to put on your butt? We do have some hot pants with pre made assograms to choose from as well.  Like the wording but want a different font? we can do that too! 

Our  Assograms are totally made to your specifications as much as we can, so go crazy and show us what you got!

We are able to keep our shipping costs very cheap so whether you are living in Canada, the USA or Worldwide you can still get some affordable roller derby wear even with the shipping included.  

                                                                            And please send us your pictures and we can post them of you lookin hot in yer hot pants. RAWR.

Lots of Love, Anya Face

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