Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Results of the Cougars vs Cubs

So Cougars totally got their tails handed to them by the Cubs.
Meh, I wasn't too concerned. It was just fun to play with new girls and girls that i have played with before, but not for a while.

Plus i got to make me some fancy hot pants for the game.
Mine said "Cat's Meow"  Sufferjet's said "Hot Across Buns"  I forgot to take pictures of them.. but will. Promise!

 I loves me some Black and White scrimmaging.  I think the next one is in March.  Since my leg strappy thinger i bought didn't work for my knee I will have to go out in March and try my next idea. Drugs. HA HA.

Anyways, I stole some pictures that Adam Swinborne  had taken at the game.  I hope he doesn't mind.

Anya Face

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Im in Love..

I'm In Love.. With the Black And White Scrimmage.

This weekend, Sufferjet, Back Alley Sally, Mirambo and myself are off to Toronto to play some roller derby.  We signed up as Cougars, in a Cougars vs Cubs game.  I love playing with people that are not on my team or in my league just as much as I love playing with my team.  It's a little more challenging, you don't know how those other people play and you have to figure out what they are going to do or what they want you to do as quickly as possible.  All teams play differently.  All players play differently.   

These pick up games make you more versatile and keep you on your toes and from getting stagnant.  Sometimes at practice, you are always playing with the same people so you tend to do what works to that person.  You know how they are going to hit, you know how to block them.  But at the black and white scrimmage you are not only playing against people you don't normally play against you are also playing with people that you are not used to playing with.  

So I am excited to strap on the skates and meet and play with and against new skaters!  Go Cougars!

They are inviting people to come watch!  For 5 dollars you can watch us kill some cubs!

Check out the Event or the ToRD website.

Anya Face 234

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For The Love Of Hot Pants -Assograms

I have more hotpants then i have underpants.  Its an addiction really.  I know i have more hot pants then games to play.  I sometimes sign up for extra practices and scrimmages just so i can wear that new pair of hot pants.  Since i am jobless i wear hotpants all day! Everyday, I am fully prepared for a pants off dance off party! Life is good when you gots some hotpants on!

Where do i find so many hot  pants? All over! Mostly online or i get sufferjet to heat me up a pair of assograms.

The first pair of hot pants I'm am going to feature is, of course, our own!

so here is THE ASSOGRAM

There is nothing more exciting then taking a pair of american apparel underwear and putting your own wording on it.  We are signed up to play a Cougars vs Cubs game with ToRD next weekend and we are already getting giddy as to what to put on our bums!

How do we wear our panties? Well we take a pair of tights or leggings and then maybe a pair of fishnets and throw our undies on over top! Add a pair of leg warmers or high socks and the look is complete.

For those girls that don't play roller derby you can still design a great Assogram.  You can ...
  • put your lovers name on them.  
  • You can make a pair of lucky underpants for your next job interview,  or sporting event! 
  • You can design a pair and wear them to the gym over top of your work out clothes.  
  •  Going to be in a charity run or bike ride? Design a great asssogram to promote your business. 
  •  Need group uniforms for that soccor team or dodgeball team?
  •  In a wedding party. Assograms for the stagette Party!
There are endless reasons why you would like to write something on your butt!

So stop by our little etsy store.  Grab one of the premade assograms or hit the custom button and make something up.  You can choose the size, colour of lettering, colour of panty, font and what you want to the assogram to say! Super easy! Super Sweet!

Anya Face 234

Saturday, February 6, 2010

we had two sales on etsy...

Our business is moving along really well.  We recently SOLD:
The RED stay down and the BLACK oops my bad!
Our prices are reasonable for these panties, and we can custom your item to express what's on your mind.
I thought I would put you guys through the process on how we do the undies...probably boring but I will post it anyways. (It's a story board of photos)


From the gals at Hot Across Buns

Friday, February 5, 2010

Custom Undies with ASS-O-GRAM

Ya, you heard me! oh i didn't say anything? but my butt did.

Tell the world what your thinking every time you drop your pants in these custom undies.

WE have just listed a custom undies....Woot-Woot!!!!

From the Gals @ Hotacrossbuns~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Forest City Derby Girls Party

So we finally got christmas out of the way and could continue on with the scheduling of our 2010 season and have our first official party of 2010.  We decided instead of the regular awards we would give out cheeky awards suited to the recipient for what they accomplished in the 2009 season or as a rememberance of funny things that did happen.  The girls recieved panties they could wear on the track with an assogram. 
A great time was had by all and we didn't get kicked out even though it got a little messy.  Thanks Big City Bistro!

We also took this chance for the Thames Fatales to meet and mingle with all the Fresh Meat that is currently skating on Tuesdays.  It was really fun to see all the newbies joining in with the shenanigans that went on.
I even got Dawn Kashane's special birthday cupcakes.. mmmmm soo yummy!

Now its back to business, planning fundraisers, booking games and training hard!
For all our upcoming bouts check out The Forest City Derby Girls Website!

Wanna book a bout with the forest city derby girls please contact anyaface@gmail.com

These are a few of my Favorite things on ETSY

I have been a long time Lover of Etsy... and have bought a ton of AWESOME pieces for friends, family, and pets.  Anya Face and I have just started a Etsy Store in Dec 2009.
These are a few things that Anya Face, and I have bought or hope to buy:

This soap Anya Face had a dream about it and had to purchase it.
 It's made with a dehydrated slice of kiwi.  That's so crazy.
  Anya's direct quote for this soap is she want to shower right when she got it.
 I have been eyeing up the orange soap.....Yummmyyyyy!!!

A Cool Roller derby Comic that Anya Face has purchased...kinda reminds me of myself...the humdrum of my day. ( only if I could dress like I do at derby to work!)

I just purchased this for my new iPhone.  The thing I love about it is that I can fit my iPhone with the hard case in the sleeve.

• iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS including with silicone/hard case

I purchased this whistle for Anya Face The Sheriff of our practices. So that she could whistle at us at practice, instead of screaming. (Which she still does!!! heheheheh)
This unique whistle is made with bottle caps and recycled metal.
 Love these whistles...Esty seller has various styles and colours.

Evil Knievel inspired panties. We all know that Roller Derby Girls are super heroes and dare devils at heart.
She will also make these i the hipster style if you want!!!
A great gift for your Local Roller Derby Girl.

This mug...can be interpreted in many different ways...I Love it!!!  I haven't bought this mug yet, but it is on my many gift to buys for someone this year.
She does have various style in her shop.  Check it out!!!

If you are looking for cool unique gifts check out ETSY!!!
and don't forget to check out our store hot across buns.

Remember we will be posting pictures of our award night...on Sunday so stay tuned

Keepin' the press hot~ Sufferjet