Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For The Love Of Hot Pants -Assograms

I have more hotpants then i have underpants.  Its an addiction really.  I know i have more hot pants then games to play.  I sometimes sign up for extra practices and scrimmages just so i can wear that new pair of hot pants.  Since i am jobless i wear hotpants all day! Everyday, I am fully prepared for a pants off dance off party! Life is good when you gots some hotpants on!

Where do i find so many hot  pants? All over! Mostly online or i get sufferjet to heat me up a pair of assograms.

The first pair of hot pants I'm am going to feature is, of course, our own!

so here is THE ASSOGRAM

There is nothing more exciting then taking a pair of american apparel underwear and putting your own wording on it.  We are signed up to play a Cougars vs Cubs game with ToRD next weekend and we are already getting giddy as to what to put on our bums!

How do we wear our panties? Well we take a pair of tights or leggings and then maybe a pair of fishnets and throw our undies on over top! Add a pair of leg warmers or high socks and the look is complete.

For those girls that don't play roller derby you can still design a great Assogram.  You can ...
  • put your lovers name on them.  
  • You can make a pair of lucky underpants for your next job interview,  or sporting event! 
  • You can design a pair and wear them to the gym over top of your work out clothes.  
  •  Going to be in a charity run or bike ride? Design a great asssogram to promote your business. 
  •  Need group uniforms for that soccor team or dodgeball team?
  •  In a wedding party. Assograms for the stagette Party!
There are endless reasons why you would like to write something on your butt!

So stop by our little etsy store.  Grab one of the premade assograms or hit the custom button and make something up.  You can choose the size, colour of lettering, colour of panty, font and what you want to the assogram to say! Super easy! Super Sweet!

Anya Face 234

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