Monday, February 1, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite things on ETSY

I have been a long time Lover of Etsy... and have bought a ton of AWESOME pieces for friends, family, and pets.  Anya Face and I have just started a Etsy Store in Dec 2009.
These are a few things that Anya Face, and I have bought or hope to buy:

This soap Anya Face had a dream about it and had to purchase it.
 It's made with a dehydrated slice of kiwi.  That's so crazy.
  Anya's direct quote for this soap is she want to shower right when she got it.
 I have been eyeing up the orange soap.....Yummmyyyyy!!!

A Cool Roller derby Comic that Anya Face has purchased...kinda reminds me of myself...the humdrum of my day. ( only if I could dress like I do at derby to work!)

I just purchased this for my new iPhone.  The thing I love about it is that I can fit my iPhone with the hard case in the sleeve.

• iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS including with silicone/hard case

I purchased this whistle for Anya Face The Sheriff of our practices. So that she could whistle at us at practice, instead of screaming. (Which she still does!!! heheheheh)
This unique whistle is made with bottle caps and recycled metal.
 Love these whistles...Esty seller has various styles and colours.

Evil Knievel inspired panties. We all know that Roller Derby Girls are super heroes and dare devils at heart.
She will also make these i the hipster style if you want!!!
A great gift for your Local Roller Derby Girl.

This mug...can be interpreted in many different ways...I Love it!!!  I haven't bought this mug yet, but it is on my many gift to buys for someone this year.
She does have various style in her shop.  Check it out!!!

If you are looking for cool unique gifts check out ETSY!!!
and don't forget to check out our store hot across buns.

Remember we will be posting pictures of our award night...on Sunday so stay tuned

Keepin' the press hot~ Sufferjet

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