Monday, January 25, 2010

Party Time Excellent!

I am pretty excited to party it up for our end of year/beginning of season Partay with my roller derby team!

Woo Hoo, it seems like we are constantly playing and promoting and we never have time to party as a team.

I am really excited for this season.  Last year, we amalgamated two of our teams into one and one third of our team after that was all new girls.  So not only were we training girls and getting the two teams meshing well as one we were all trying to work together as a team and become friends and respect each other.  It was tough,  especially as the captain of the Thames Fatales,  I was learning how everyone thought, expressed themselves, explaining to them how I worked as a person and working with everyone so that we could understand each other as players in a game and how to respect each other as people.  In the beginning of the season it was a little dramatic but i think by mid season we were all able to appreciate our strengths, except our own and each others weaknesses and be open and honest with each other so that we could work on them as a team. 

   So now its party time.  A chance to regroup outside of practice.  Sufferjet and myself made up some awards for our teammates which are not the regular awards, more of a fun way to remember this year and work towards a great 2010 season.  I will post some pickys after the party.

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