Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Talented People Pt 1

I have been actively promoting our little baby store and i come across some very talented people.
Which reminds me of the wonderful people that help me and my league out! Whether it be logos, or posters or store headers or websites.

The first person i would like to showcase is a very dear friend of mine. James Riehl.
We have pretty much grown up together and i think Jamie is one of the nicest people i have ever met. He is also one of the most talented.  He has even drawn me two tattoos that are on my body right now.

With the help of his very talented girlfriend, Janet McGlynn,  He has made my roller derby league  many posters that  help draw  huge crowds at our bouts.  We were able to get our posters into very busy corporate stores, which normally, we would have to contact head office and get permission. But the managers running the stores put them up anyways on actually seeing the poster.

They really are pieces of art instead of simple flyers.  I actually get very excited when i see the  work he has done and it makes me want to flyer for hours to show  it off.  I love when you hand a flyer to someone on the street and they have absolutely no interest in what you are trying to sell them, they catch a glimpse of the image, their hand goes out and although they are saying no, they actually take the flyer and start asking you questions about roller derby.  I love it!

We  are also able to take those posters and put them on shirts for sale at our bouts.
The first run of t shirts we got made from the Skate of the Dead poster, we got 80 shirts made and sold all but 15 at the bout.

He is just an amazing friend and artist. I have had incredible good times with him and i can always count on him if i need someone to talk to. He is the first person i would call if i had a bucket of slushie drinks in my freezer! hee hee.

If you need anything you want drawn for anything, Jamie can do it.  To make your visions a reality contact

We will hopefully, with Jamies' help bring you new kick ass derby posters in the 2010 season!
Check the FCDG website for upcoming events.

A little love,
--Anya Face 234


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