Sunday, January 10, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite things...

I want to posted today a few of my favorite things...( as a derby girl, and my alter ego.)
1.  Heartless Wheels. Vanish. You can buy them at:
2. Legwarmers for our very cold practice space...and since I'm knitter I love knitting up quick things.  Here's the pattern for knitters go to  The pattern number is 70782AD.

3. I recently got a iPhone I love the apps, especially the to do List.

4. Laptop decal for my computer. From beepart he is also my husband, and has awesome vinyl decals.

5. Cool underwear from etsy designer Knickerocker...
Cause I think all Derby Girls are Super Heroes.
It's COOL to wear your panties outside of your pants
I bought these for ANYA FACE.

6. I love the new blog Queen of the Rink. she has ongoing news about derby and derby related products.

7. My favorite singer Lhasa De Sela that has just passed away this year. R.I.P.  Will miss new music from her, but will always love her old stuff.

8.  Shiny High Waisted Pants from American Apparel

9.  WEEZI a local designer that I  have been following for 15 years.  She has beautiful pieces and a awesome blog that she and unique things.  She also featured and sold our league calendar for the FCDG.   Love her for it, and a great supporter of Roller Derby.

I own this top Back Alley Sally gave it to me for my birthday!!!

10. Our new business Hot Across Buns...I that I'm honoured to run with ANYA FACE.  My Awesome partner in crime.

Always Bouncin Bitches'

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