Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 2010 Thames Fatales Season!

The 2010 Season is almost here!  So exciting!

All of the home games on the schedule are played at the Western Fair Convention Center at the Canada Building in London, Ontario.  For more information contact or

April 24-25 Beast of the East in Montreal (away)
May 8th - Glass City Toledo (away)
May 29, QCRG Nickel City  Knock outs (home)
June 26 Gtar Debutantes Toronto(away)
July 24th -Sudbury (away) playing Gtar.
Oct 2, -Hamilton mixed team - (home) 

Nov 6 MID MICHIGAN (home)

We are also still and always looking for another place to hold our games so if you know of anywhere please let us know.  We are working on some games for our newest members to get some face time on the track this year.   

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Place to Buy Skates! Hot Diggity!

This weekend, Toronto, Ontario will be getting its own brick and mortar skate shop!! Sooo effing exciting.
Normally when i want new stuff i have to get it online, normally from Sin City Skates, Roller girl or Rollerbug..  Whom I love all of those girls! Fast shipping, great customer service!  Otherwise I can pick up stuff at different events, normally when im out of the country and I always have to ask myself, do I buy wheels or buy margaritas, margaritas usually win out! HA HA

 But this weekend Cardinal Skate Co. is opening!  This means that when im in Toronto, seeing TORD games and GTAR games, or eating thai food and watching 24 with Joker I can hit the skate shop, smell the wheels, touch the bearings and try on skates!

Cardinal is a subsidiary of Common Ground Shop/RollerBug Skate Co, so it is run by the same people that bring you Roller Bug skates.   I got my second pair of skates, my first pair of roller derby skates, from Rollerbug.  They have stood up really well since i bought them three or more years ago!  Plus they look pretty baddass!!! My skates have gotten more media attention then my face has! HA HA

I had a couple of teammates find these wheels from Queen of the Rink and they couldn't find them in Canada. I contacted  Kandy Barr and she was able to order them in and the girls can go down and pick them up. Word on the street is they are also going to have ATOM wheels there!! ooooo i so wanna try those wheels.

So even though i am poor as eff, i do have a brand new credit card that will hopefully get me some wheels, new pads, and maybe skates, even though i looooves my old ones.  

So if your in Toronto for the weekend or maybe you signed up for the latest TORD Fan Choice Scrimmage, make sure you stop in and talk derby with Kandy Barr at Cardinal!  

See you there!