Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Im in Love..

I'm In Love.. With the Black And White Scrimmage.

This weekend, Sufferjet, Back Alley Sally, Mirambo and myself are off to Toronto to play some roller derby.  We signed up as Cougars, in a Cougars vs Cubs game.  I love playing with people that are not on my team or in my league just as much as I love playing with my team.  It's a little more challenging, you don't know how those other people play and you have to figure out what they are going to do or what they want you to do as quickly as possible.  All teams play differently.  All players play differently.   

These pick up games make you more versatile and keep you on your toes and from getting stagnant.  Sometimes at practice, you are always playing with the same people so you tend to do what works to that person.  You know how they are going to hit, you know how to block them.  But at the black and white scrimmage you are not only playing against people you don't normally play against you are also playing with people that you are not used to playing with.  

So I am excited to strap on the skates and meet and play with and against new skaters!  Go Cougars!

They are inviting people to come watch!  For 5 dollars you can watch us kill some cubs!

Check out the Event or the ToRD website.

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