Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Results of the Cougars vs Cubs

So Cougars totally got their tails handed to them by the Cubs.
Meh, I wasn't too concerned. It was just fun to play with new girls and girls that i have played with before, but not for a while.

Plus i got to make me some fancy hot pants for the game.
Mine said "Cat's Meow"  Sufferjet's said "Hot Across Buns"  I forgot to take pictures of them.. but will. Promise!

 I loves me some Black and White scrimmaging.  I think the next one is in March.  Since my leg strappy thinger i bought didn't work for my knee I will have to go out in March and try my next idea. Drugs. HA HA.

Anyways, I stole some pictures that Adam Swinborne  had taken at the game.  I hope he doesn't mind.

Anya Face

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