Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where the Forest City Derby Girls go, so does Hot Across Buns!

Your Thames Fatales are hitting the road to hit some girls and we would love to see our fans there!

This Saturday we will be in Hamilton taking on Hammer City Roller Girls Death Row Dames. The last time we played this team we lost in the last jam by a few points. This is sure to be a tough game for both teams, which usually means an awesome game for fans!
check out their event page for all the information!

Event Page

June 26th
We are strapping on our skates the following weekend to take on GTA Roller Girls, Derby Debutantes on their home turf. Although, last year, we were the harder hitting team and beat the Debs, they have been everywhere and are really coming together as a team, this again will not be a game to miss.


July 17th The Forest City Derby Girls Fresh Meat and Rookies will be off to Toronto to play the Rollergettes in some action packed derby action!
July 24th
We will be off to Sudbury to play the Derby Debutantes in an exhibition game to show the city of sudbury how awesome roller derby is!

August 28th
we will be showcasing our new players in a bout in Goderich Ontario. This is Anya Face's, Annie Takers and Jemicide's home turf. You will get to see the up and coming stars of the Forest City Derby Girls

Home Game Oct 2nd
The Thames Fatales will be hosting HCRG's Harlots! This is sure to be an exciting game!

Home Game Nov 6th
The Thames Fatales will bring another American team down to show them how its done. We will be hosting the amazing MID MICHIGAN ROLLER DERBY Girls!

We are working on a few more bouts so please keep looking at the facebook group and our webpage should be updated soon!

any questions please don't hesitate to email

See ya on the Track!
Anya Face - Captain of the best derby team eva! ha!

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