Friday, April 16, 2010

One week until beast!

So while Sufferjet is at home, printing up some more hotpants and whipping up some new uniforms for The  Thames Fatales, I thought i would throw on some more undies that we have created lately.

 We currently only sell the one style of hot pant but we are going to be bringing in other styles of bottoms as well as different items of clothing shortly.

So, if you have a super comfy shirt that just fits you really well, it would be super sweet if you could drop us a note at    and just let us know the name of the company on the tag.

The Bad Kittie hot pants were made for a derby girl and the Come to Mama ones we just made up to try out our new silver matte vinyl.  I think I might steal them. 




  1. You know what? Reitmans v-neck short sleeved t shirts always fit REALLY well. The perfect amount of stretch, don't wrinkle too badly, don't shrink.

    Their sizes tend to run a little large, but they've always been good about having their shirts long enough, which was great during those years when all other stores only sold the freaking dumbass belly shirts. Gah.

  2. Ha ha!
    Thanks so much for your suggestion!!
    We will look into it!
    We love working with American Apparel but i do find that their sizes run a little small.
    It would be nice to find a brand that will work with all body shapes!
    Thanks so much
    Anya Face