Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mustache Envy

On June 26th, the Thames Fatales, went to Toronto to take on the Derby Debutantes.  Due to the G20 Summit we were told that we should get there super early cause there would be long delays and lots of traffic.  The game started at 7,  we left around noon, we got there at 2.

What to do in the rain in a closed down city?

Have some good times!

Mirambo found a bubble gum machine that gave out  mustaches . All styles of mustaches!  We were able to snaggle one for everyone out of the machine.

We put them on and giggled most of the day. We wore them in the change room, and then we wore them for our  intro.  So much fun, we looked absolutely ridonkulous.  After the intro, we took them off and stuck them to the outside of our bench.  Every thing was fine until about half way through the first period, I was skating with Jemicide and Annie Takers on my line, I saw jemicide go in for one of her  beautiful hits, she pushed off on her skate and crumpled to the ground.  Annie Takers was having an unusually hard time keeping up for that jam.  The jam ended and they were cursing.  They both had skated the whole jam with a mustache stuck to their wheel.  Bad Pit had to confesscate the mustaches.

The next day Sufferjet made some mustache underwears! Check them out, they are pretty funny,
and they wont get stuck to your wheel when you skate!
We have two styles, for 12 dollars you can have just the mustache or for 18  you can have a mustache with a custom assogram!

They are available in blue, black, red and pink.  You can get  the mustache in black, white, red and even pink!

            So check out the shop and get your mustache on!

Hot Across Buns

Love Anya xoxo

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