Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Designer and Kick Ass Derby Girl Erica Voges!

Erica Voges has two amazing shops on Etsy. She also plays for one of my favourite roller derby teams, Duke City.  I check out her stores all the time to see what she is up to and what incredible things she has crafted.  I sent her a big questionnaire and she was gracious to take the time to answer a few questions.  I hope you enjoy and I hope you are able to check out her shops.

Derby Name  
Doom Dee Doom. I hate to say it out loud and always get squeamish when people ask me what my derby name is. I even almost changed it  after I had my baby to the first name I thought of , Sultry Confinement.  For my very first bout I was Whip Lass because it fit the theme of the team I was on for our leagues exhibition season, then when we reformed our teams I changed it to Agent Orange Crush, but didn't check the roller girl roster first and it got spit back. I had about a week to come up with a new name, so Doom Dee Doom it is. 
Roller Skate Coasters

Real Name
Erica Hazel Voges.

Team and League
I have been playing for Duke City Derby since 2005, but took a short hiatus to have a baby, and upon starting derby again I skated for a few months for Rose City before moving back to Albuquerque.  I am on the Dooms Dames at home and also on the Munecas Mueartas, our travel team. 


Sports before roller derby
I was always the kid that got hit in the head with a basketball before roller derby, I thought I was uncoordinated and not very athletic. After starting roller derby I realized maybe I was just trying the wrong sports, after all some one who is 5'2" with massive muscular quads isn't really built for basketball, but I would have probably done well at soccer and I was made for derby.

When/how you first got involved with roller derby:
I started playing derby in 2005. Remember back when people used myspace instead of facebook? Well I reconnected with my best friend from elementary school that way. Her myspace name was Dahmernatrix, which I thought was funny and awesome so I asked her about it. She told me it was her roller derby name. Since I love roller skating I went to my leagues first bout of our exhibition season (we had an exhibition season before our first real season). By the time the next exhibition game came around I was on the "Dead Mans Curves". Roller derby has changed my life in unimaginable ways.
I hit like a Roller Girl tee sx JUNIORS LFoldover Yoga Booty Shorts Sz JUNIORS L

What you do when you're not skating
I have reached the point that I have more hobbies than I have time for. I am Married (to a ref) and have a sweet baby girl. I also have two etsy stores. I have a degree in fashion design and have been working on developing more sewn products for Caustic Threads. I also paint, screen print, draw, block print, needle felt, rock climb, hike, bike, and various other crafts.

Favorite place in the world!
So far, my favorite place that I have ever been is my home town. I have been to almost every state in the US and lived in Portland, LA and Savannah, Ga but something always brings me back home. I think it is the sunshine. I have never been off the continent. I would love to visit Paris, London, most of Italy, parts of Germany, the Netherlands... (list goes on forever)

Guilty pleasures:
I like cake. A LOT.

Tell us something you probably shouldn't:
I cry when I have to speak publicly.

Give us some advice
Throw away your TV, marry the man of your dreams, bike to work, and play roller derby. Doing  these things have made me very happy.

Dont be a Douchebag Double Layer Tee JUNIORS L

Skate Bearing Pendant with Red Faceted Stone Center

Anything else you would like to say?

I will probably be retiring at the end of this season, as much as I love roller derby, I want to have another baby, and it was really hard to go back so much fatter and slower after I had my first baby, I do not think I can do it again.

Hot Across Buns loves to support derby owned business's if you have a business and you would like to be featured on Hot Across Buns, just drop us a line at hotacrossbuns@gmail.com

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  1. Wow! this is a REALLY awesome blog! thank you so much for the feature! it looks beautiful! you even picked a good picture od me :)

  2. wow!very cool blog feature!!! i love her shops!! super sweet etsian too!

  3. Thanks Erica for taking the time! I'm glad you like the picture. I did have to creep your page, you look good in all your pics!
    Thanks again!