Monday, July 19, 2010

Step Moms - You hate us and we beat you!

This weekend, Sufferjet and myself, travelled down to Toronto once again, to play some roller derby.
We took Dawn Kashane, and our five rookies and seven fresh meat, aka never played a game before, gave them some bright freaking yellow and baby blue shirts and threw them to the wolves.  The wolves being The Rollergettes.

The Step moms really stepped it up! The jammers listened well, played smart and really worked hard! They just kept skating, and skating hard,  even in the ridiculous heat.   The blockers worked extremely well together. The freshies really listened to the rookies and they even pulled off some advanced plays that we had just been introducing. It was great to see that our training program is really paying off.  Sufferjet and myself we screaming, and laughing and maybe, just possibly, a little crying! We were just so proud of all these girls.  Every single on of them had a shining moment or ten.  

Plus! I didn't even have to get my ridiculously awesome yellow shirt a bit sweaty.  They were able to do it with only Sufferjet and myself coaching from the sidelines. They were able to finish the whole game, all of them as a team.  The final score 189 - 24! Go Step Moms!

Thanks to the Rollergettes for having us down and showing us a good time and a big thanks to Ref Ormed Rebel, Mirambo, Commiekaze, Killson, Back Alley Sally and Scarlet Fox for coming out and helping with reffing and stats.  Also a big thank you to all the fans and members of the Forest City Derby Girls that came out to either watch and show their support or help out where ever we needed them.

You can see more of our Fresh Meat and rookies at our Goderich Game.  

Love Anya

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