Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Post!

This is my first post! So exciting and scary. hee hee.
This blog is mostly to promote our business, Hot Across Buns.

We started this business about two years ago. Sufferjet and myself are roller derby girls and we play for the Forest City Derby Girls, out of London Ontario.

Every year, they have a roller derby convention in Las Vegas, called Rollercon. About 1000+ derby girls from all over the world get together and train, play games and drink, 1 dollar margaritas. A bunch of girls from our league went down. Amongst the drinking and the skating and the dancing. I took a course about merchandising. The guy running the course was talking about heat presses. I took the course, ran to find Sufferjet and told her we had to get one.
Sufferjet gave me the look, the one i have grown quite used to seeing, the your nuts look. About two weeks after we came home, Sufferjet calls and says i found your heat press, and we bought it. Not thinking of going into business, but mainly to just put our name and number on all our shirts!

So, we started doing our names and numbers, and then the rest of the girls in the league wanted their stuff done, then Sufferjet did some bowling leagues and wedding party shirts. We didn't really have to free time to play with it too much with all the derby stuff we do.

Fast forward to last February, we were at another training camp in San Diego, Blood and Thunder. After a gruelling and amazing day of skating, we were looking at the merch the lady was making with her heat press. I told Sufferjet i would be right back, I was just going to get a drink. I come back to the merch table and Sufferjet is behind the counter, making the merch. I start laughing, and ask her what the heck was she doing? She looks at me, and says, "We need a cutter."
So we got a cutter! Still, we had not really done too much with it, except for league merch, and some funny stuff for ourselves.

Then i got a lay off from work. Home with nothing to do, we decided to open our Etsy shop.
Its just a baby shop. We are still looking for the best deals on clothing, supplies, etc.
Figuring out how to work the computer programs, drinking slushy drinks, and coming up with ridiculous things to put on pretty much anything.

So this blog will be about our adventures in derby, the crazy stuff we make, and other stuff we think is prrty cool.

Hope you enjoy!
Anya Face

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